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In Part II of ‘In Bloody Protest For A Glorious Thing’ I continue my thoughts on militant Republicanism in the context of ‘Heroic-Sacrifice’ and a mythic past to which the Patriot Dead added their names for ‘Ireland’s freedom’.

Coping Mechanism

Coping Mechanism


Contains strong references to suicide and self-harm., but, possible a way of coping with self-destructive thoughts.

Blood Letter

Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the spectacle of a fragment of a morsel of a crumb of a hallucinatory experience, ably performed by WE. It can take a moment or two before you realise the soldier should not be lying crumpled against the wall in the canteen. Should he..? No, wait. This is 2014.Continue reading “Blood Letter”

The Final Annihilation

Here’s another one. Adidas Tee shirt this time. Approaching the cordon tape where I’m stood. ‘Right, he says, necks a look over my shoulder. Keeps the grin on his face. Somethin’ happin’? Nothing interesting, I tell him, but he’s still glancing past. Shifting on his feet. Thumbs hooked in his jeans. He’s about my age,Continue reading “The Final Annihilation”


Under the lithium gloom slump-eyed petals of flesh we sit with dreaming mouths tightly clutched closed arms coiled. Sluggish. Light is no more than history torn from my lips unburned water beckons -this is the sound of symbols- the false mind unburdened is rolled away. Truths unbidden walk unshod through blood -their’s is the soundContinue reading “РПГ-7”