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To Mega Therion (and beyond!)

Where to begin? If I go right back to my very early teens I remember developing a great interest and fascination with Irish and Egyptian mythology. While the latter was more in the context of archaeological interest, the former held a deeper attraction for me. I was reading The Táin about the same time aContinue reading “To Mega Therion (and beyond!)”


The Sun is Open By Gail McConnell Published by Penned in the Margins In 1984 the author’s father was murdered by the Provisional Irish Republican Army outside his home. The author, who was three years old at the time, was witness to her father’s brutal slaying. The author kept a ‘Dad Box’: cuttings and fragmentsContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW”


mind going backwards to the IED – the one by the path not the car not the firing-point not the one that took a soldier’s face so many – a mind made of sepia voices wrapped in newsprint washed away yesterdays red streams through barren field-dressings drown my mind. Politics is just noise in myContinue reading “ALL LIFE IS NOISE”

A Song Of Broken Leaves

How can you carve a face from air is it merely seeing something which is not there – just lines and curves falling from despair – but those eyes consider mine with curiosity not blind to this skin parched by time how does air summon radiance into rough dreams of shadow tracing shades softly intoContinue reading “A Song Of Broken Leaves”


Glossolalia: the tongue of the shards – some shards? – incomprehensible speech or language. An episode of religious ecstasy or schizophrenia. The chatter of the burdened mind. The fading rumble of home made explosive. The passing wave of smoke, pressing you to the ground. A crushing gravity of confusion, fear and panic. The shards cuttingContinue reading “Glossolalia”


Put in your diversions now. Which way is the light moving? Shadows, stuttering down from the roofs, lying broken on the road. The light is twisting itself in between the shadows. Coiling upwards like a funnel. One-zero-zero, stop any vehicles heading citywards. Heat. So hot. Heat is falling like rain. Hissing into shadow. The buildingsContinue reading “Rapture”

Blood Letter

Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the spectacle of a fragment of a morsel of a crumb of a hallucinatory experience, ably performed by WE. It can take a moment or two before you realise the soldier should not be lying crumpled against the wall in the canteen. Should he..? No, wait. This is 2014.Continue reading “Blood Letter”