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My Old Goodreads Page

Completely forgot I’d created a Goodreads page aeons ago! Don’t really know if there’s any point updating it? I kind of write something, become enthused about it for a while, then lose interest and it drifts over the edge of my consciousness and away.

The Bitter End of Dreams Republished

After wrestling my novel back from a publisher who, strangely, did absolutely nothing with my novel for nearly a year, I’ve decided to self-publish. The publisher in question wasn’t of the Vanity or Hybrid variety, just inactive..? Anyway, I’m back in control and have no interest in submitting to anymore agents / publishers. My secondContinue reading “The Bitter End of Dreams Republished”

A Song Of Broken Leaves

How can you carve a face from air is it merely seeing something which is not there – just lines and curves falling from despair – but those eyes consider mine with curiosity not blind to this skin parched by time how does air summon radiance into rough dreams of shadow tracing shades softly intoContinue reading “A Song Of Broken Leaves”