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To Mega Therion (and beyond!)

Where to begin? If I go right back to my very early teens I remember developing a great interest and fascination with Irish and Egyptian mythology. While the latter was more in the context of archaeological interest, the former held a deeper attraction for me. I was reading The Táin about the same time aContinue reading “To Mega Therion (and beyond!)”

Quick Update

I most definitely neglect repeated opportunities to add news and thoughts on here, so this coming week I’m going to write all about my pagan / heathen / occult life before, during, and after my career in the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. I bring facets of my musical tastesContinue reading “Quick Update”


EPISODE SIX: THE MURDER CORRIDOR West Belfast. Early 1990s. Royal Ulster Constabulary officers are lured to address. Waiting for them is an Improvised Explosive Device and a ‘murder corridor’ engineered and  primed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army. Presented in a narrative framework this episode explores the impact on ordinary members of the public whoContinue reading “STRAY BULLETS PODCAST”


The Sun is Open By Gail McConnell Published by Penned in the Margins In 1984 the author’s father was murdered by the Provisional Irish Republican Army outside his home. The author, who was three years old at the time, was witness to her father’s brutal slaying. The author kept a ‘Dad Box’: cuttings and fragmentsContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW”


NEW EPISODE This episode details a gun attack on members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary at Grosvenor Road RUC station, Belfast in 1992. One officer received a gunshot wound as a result of the attack. The incident also involves a Special Branch asset (tout / agent)  and his handler. To better relate the incident IContinue reading “STRAY BULLETS PODCAST”


EPISODE FOUR: NOTHING PERSONAL A narrative account of the attempted murder of a RUC officer during August 1987. This incident occurred in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. Like so many other incidents at the time it went unreported by local news outlets (during the 1980s and early 1990s the frequency of terrorist attacks usually meantContinue reading “STRAY BULLETS PODCAST”

A Song Of Broken Leaves

How can you carve a face from air is it merely seeing something which is not there – just lines and curves falling from despair – but those eyes consider mine with curiosity not blind to this skin parched by time how does air summon radiance into rough dreams of shadow tracing shades softly intoContinue reading “A Song Of Broken Leaves”