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The Sun is Open By Gail McConnell Published by Penned in the Margins In 1984 the author’s father was murdered by the Provisional Irish Republican Army outside his home. The author, who was three years old at the time, was witness to her father’s brutal slaying. The author kept a ‘Dad Box’: cuttings and fragmentsContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW”


mind going backwards to the IED – the one by the path not the car not the firing-point not the one that took a soldier’s face so many – a mind made of sepia voices wrapped in newsprint washed away yesterdays red streams through barren field-dressings drown my mind. Politics is just noise in myContinue reading “ALL LIFE IS NOISE”

Violet Street

We strode together once you and I along this same street aye side by side almost as if keeping stride yet in opposite directions  even as we faced the same horizon   separated by yards that stretched to eternity. free to wander our prisons of freedom free to wonder our charge of treason we try toContinue reading “Violet Street”

Heart of the Sun

Have you seen light stolen from the day veined by wire and shaped into a heart of clay by hands unhallowed couched in prayer to brutal gods they bring their heart into the mass who by its flare are broken into bread and pour their wine onto the street yearning for an end of days